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Reading Reading

"Reading Reading" is a celebration of books and the reading experience, showcasing The Most Beautiful Swiss Books of 2016. This exhibition prompts an interpretation of reading as both a verb and a noun — a process, as well as an object to be examined. How and what are you reading?
As part of the Concept Team, we got away from the idea of the white cube for displaying graphic design. We focused on the experience of reading a book and wanted to offer a space to comfortably enjoy them. We aimed to showcase these products of graphic design as they normally live in the world, in conversation with other products of design. And so, the answer was to pair each book to a chair so visitors could sit down and read.
Being part of the Installation team involved the exhibit design itself and the production, additionally to the curation of the chairs we displayed (designed by RISD alumni and students, as well as property of RISD). 

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