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RISD Museum Pictograms

This set of pictograms was designed for the RISD Museum following their existent branding system, as a tool to reach a broader audience. They were designed to be used in the maps set in different languages—English, Spanish, Hangul, and Chinese, the website, and in the wayfinding system.

The wayfinding proposals aim to improve the way visitors navigate the museum.  Since it has a difficult architectural structure—it is composed of three different buildings (Radeke, Pendleton House and Chace Center) and has two entrances (on Main St and Benefitt St)—many people miss important parts of the collection. Some visitors do not know how to get through the museum, some simply do not know how big the collection is, and others do not speak English and are not even familiar with Latin scripts.

For the space, the idea was to give clear instructions and directions depending on people’s location in the museum. Elevators, escalators, bridges, and thresholds in between galleries become important contact points. They are all meant to display specific directions in order to not overwhelm the visitor, and at the same time complement each other by showing different kinds of information.
This project was developed as part of my graduate assistantship at the RISD Museum under the direction of Derek Schusterbauer.

Media pictograms

Pictograms in use in the website of the RISD Museum

Pictograms for the space

Wayfinding proposal

Wayfinding proposal

Wayfinding proposal

Pictograms applied to maps printed out in English, Spanish, Chinese and Hungul. 

© Tatiana Gómez 2021