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Posters Summer 2020

Designed and printed a series of double sided posters with José Menéndez—along with masterprinter Jacques Bidon— aimed to connect with the public through messaging that was direct, uplifting, and inclusive through the use of translation, typography, graphics, and color. Each of them was used to address a particular event or circumstance happening in the Summer of 2020 in the US, and provide insight on each of them through captions.

Justice-Change speaks to a need for change in our government. Freedom commemorates Juneteenth. Change is Inevitable is a tribute to Emory Douglas. Plan, Plot, Organize, Strategize, Vote is a call for action. My Body is Mine celebrates Pride and freedom of women’s bodies. Puerto Rico Is Not For Sale responds to issues of colonialism and president’s Trump will to sell the island. Vote Now! urges people to vote.
Designed in collaboration with José Menéndez, as part of the Print Like You Give A Damn Press Collective

Contruction drawings, early sketches

Exhibition graphics on building facade

Printing process at the AS220 printshop

Selection od prints living in the streets and businesses in Providence, Ri

© Tatiana Gómez 2021