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PVD Cares Outside

PVD Cares Outside/PVD Nos Cuida Afuera is a Covid-19 relief initiative by the (non-profit art organization) and the City of Providence Department of Art Culture and Tourism. The strategy helps local businesses and organizations hit by the pandemic to expand their operations outdoors by providing kits containing traffic barriers, steel panels, and tents.

The kits were built by the Steel Yard and intervened by local artists, before being distributed around the city of Providence, Rhode Island.   

We named and designed a bilingual, friendly branding system that aims to speak to a wider community in Providence. In an effort to make both languages equal in hierarchy within the design, the logo is set in Spanglish, mixing up Spanish and English.

Because of the primary use of the logo on different surfaces of the kits, the logo was designed using the stencil typeface Plotter Mono Stencil Std by Typotheque.

We also designed three bilingual posters to be distributed with each kit. Their purpose is to follow the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines of Using masks, Social distancing, and Washing hands, while using a playful and inviting visual language and messaging, along with a colorful palette. 

Designed in collaboration with José Menéndez

Stencil Logo

Posters for businesses and local government buildings

First parklet and posters installed at Troop (Olneyville, PVD). Parklet intervention by Amber Dauphinee

Parklet kit (by the Steel Yard)

Intervention on parklets

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