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Misfits is a project that addresses the reduced vocabulary and options in filling forms. These aim to unable individuals to express their identities freely while simplifying and constraining to binary options notions such as gender, ethnicity, etc. While filling forms, the “other” boxes are deleted as options in a world that seeks to categorize us in very general, old-fashioned and constrained terms. Misfits focuses only in terms that are related to the body and the way we are used to name certain characteristics over which, most of the time, we do not have much control. The project seeks to find, through a material exploration with fabrics, a way to represent the frustration experienced by individuals while trying to fit into those boxes.
At the same time, it offers other options for them play with and answer in a binary way in they are comfortable with it, with in between terms and with total out of the box options.

© Tatiana Gómez 2021