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Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca is the thesis book I wrote and designed at the end of my master’s degree at the Rhode Island School of Design.

It is written in Spanish and English and was designed to give both languages the same importance while showcasing a wide range of projects.

Through my research, I have used graphic design as a platform for coding and decoding language, shaping and reshaping it. In a world ruled by misunderstanding, I am interested in the moment when design becomes a vital mediator, a translator to a lingua franca that enables criticism, fosters conversations and interactions between people with same or different cultural backgrounds. Lingua Franca stands for a discipline that opens the possibilities for better understanding within communities.

It features an interview with conceptual artist Alfredo Jaar. 

If you are interested in seeing the complete book, follow the link below:

Book Cover and spreads  

Book cover detail

Title page

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