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Fit Here

These material and digital explorations comment on the idea of having to fit into traditional beauty molds. Inspired by a previous project, A Canon of Beauty, Fit Here combines an interactive interface made in P5js and an embroidered fabric as a way of testing interactions and reactions from the viewers.The digital version uses a fixed background with the text “You Are Supposed To Fit Here,” that creates a box.When people move the mouse,the text “I Just Fit In My Body” moves around the screen, stretches and shrinks, but never fits into the box.

The fabric has the same graphic treatment for the text “You Are Supposed To Fit Here,” but it is embroidered on lycra. The lycra was extremely stretched on the frame of each machine in order to be embroidered or printed while expanded. This way, when the fabric is released from the frame, the message curls on itself. To be seen, people have to stretch the fabric in different directions.

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© Tatiana Gómez 2021