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Canon of Beauty

Canon of Beauty is a measuring tape that critiques the Latin American [or American in general] objectification of women, based on the culturally established “perfect” measures of breasts (90 cm/ 36 inch), hips (60 cm/ 24 inch) and bottom (90 cm/ 36 inch).It shows how women are supposed to fit into these standards and how, when not, they become an object of bully or mockery. Something that is very interesting to me, is how a particular —harmful— language has been developed around the topic—particularly in Spanish—, with the only goal of making more social pressure on women of all ages. Because being too skinny or overweight is a problem, women are called “flaca” or “flacucha”, "gorda", "gordita". If their breasts are too small and they can’t even find bras without push-up in the market because they're not allowed to have small breast, women are named after adjectives like “plana”, which literally translates “being plain”. Contrary to that, if they have big breasts they are called “tetonas” or “caderonas” when their hips are big, and so on. This project aims to be less a piece of graphic design to be looked at and more an object to engage with. Those words and sentences appear next to the numbers on the tape, looking for emotional responses from the viewers.

© Tatiana Gómez 2021