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Art_Latin_America Exhibition

Exhibition design for the show Art_Latin_America: Against the Survey, at the Davis Museum in Wellesley College.

The show highlights the Davis Museum’s extensive and diverse collection of Latin American art and our typographic decisions were based on the fresh ideas behind the curatorial statement. Oles established the importance of the underscores as conceptual bridges between old-fashioned notions of art: “In the exhibition, the underscores function as productive gaps into which new meanings can be inserted, suggesting rather than restricting what goes in between. The first—”Art_Latin”—expands the range of art of inclusion to art from Latin America, art of Latin America, and art [made] in Latin America—none of which are synonymous—but also art about Latin America, or even related to Latin America.”

Designed as part of the graphic design team at Stoltze Design, under the direction of Clif Stoltze and Katherine Hughes.

Kiosk banner

Kiosk banner

Intro wall

Section introductions

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