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Make It
Make It is an enterprise that offers workshops and art and craft’s kits that are meant to awake children’s and adults’ creativity. They propose the projects to their clients, give them the materials, some guidelines and encourage each of them to finish it with their personal stamp.
The branding was developed around the idea of craftsmanship, exploring lots of possibilities and losing ties related to creativity. The result is a dynamic design that
accommodates to multiple formats and can be complemented by hand. From the logo (lettering created after a washi tape sketch) to the entire communication system, the design’s aim is to show the different services and products that Make It offers in a very close and inspirational way.

This project was developed with my friend and partner Federico Parra (by Monograma).

Business cards

Digital catalogue

Party invitation and social media use

Applied corporate identity

Applied corporate identity

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Tatiana Gómez
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