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Embroidering Porto
Editorial and graphic design
This project resumes my personal experience of the inspiring city of Porto, in Portugal. It’s streets full of colourful tiles, patterns, illustrations and vernacular type -among others-, led me to the most amazing ceramics workshop -and tutor Pedro Gil- in which I had the chance to get to know this beautiful and traditional Portuguese craft and combine it with experimental typography and embroidery (with which I am a bit obsessed).
The result is then a compilation of pictures of that process, related to two short texts and to the tile exposed on the cover.

This project was developed during the Porto Design Summer School led by Andrew Howard, Jessica Helfand, Hamish Muir and George Hardie.

Embroidered tile, cover and spine detail

Cover detail and unfolded serpentine

Photography of an embroidered piece of ceramic

Unfolded book

Opened book

Unfolded serpentine

Insert detail

Cover and unfolded serpentine

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